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Instead of allowing yesterday's decisions to dictate our present, we are all about letting today's decisions create a brighter tomorrow.


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About us


A life of choices provides an insight to the challenges that families face in today’s difficult environment. We will be working with a number of groups, with a main focus on parents and siblings to act as the bridge between a life of regret and grief to a life of choices and change. The help we provide will revolve around the techniques stemming from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, life-coaching and hypnosis in the form of workshops.

Our vision



One day our society will become a place without families fearing and grieving over the bad choices our children were a part of. Until then, our Social Enterprise will provide the necessary means. This will include workshops to help parents and siblings to intervene before further damage is caused. 

Mission statement


To build happy, United, achieving families/ young people where their abilities are recognized and their journey of personal and collective growth is ongoing. In doing so we would be creating a safer and healthier community where younger generations are allowed to thrive.

Why us?



The answer is simple: our outlook. Youth violence is a multifaceted problem - we cannot say for sure that the issues are black and white, but rather a variation of shades. When we come to notice that a plant is struggling to grow, we support the soil; when we notice that the fish in an aquarium struggles to breathe we focus on the water. We are aware that the youth need help, so instead of taking the traditional and unsuccessful view that 'the youth are to blame', it is time to look at every angle - the soils and waters of society. We are the change we want to see.

Our program



We have designed a personal solution program that aims to take individuals on a journey of self-discovery and help them to unleash their real potential, our program CHOICE focuses on:

C - Curiosity 

H - Healing

O - Optimism

I - Inspiration

C - Control

E - Evolve

About the founder


The verdict came back: ‘Guilty!’ It was set in stone. My son has been sentenced to a 22-year prison sentence. This was the peak of my roller-coaster; now I am sailing to the safe ground within the next 19 years – the next years to make the change I want to see.

After seeing the need to fill this gap in society, I was aware that an initiative was needed to voice the silence from youths, prisoners, families and friends. 

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